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Ancestors of Donavan Noah Johnston

Twenty-third Generation

5115904. John Savage 1 was born about 1370 in Of, Clifton, Cheshire, England. He died on 1 Aug 1450 in , Clifton, Cheshire, England. He married Maud (Matilda) De Swynnerton about 1400. [Parents]

5115905. Maud (Matilda) De Swynnerton 1 was born about 1365 in Of, Barrow, Cheshire, England. She died in 1415. [Parents]


5115906. William Brereton 1 was born about 1350 in <Of Egerton, Chesh, Eng>. He died in 1426. He married Angella (Anyll) Venables in 1386 in Audley, Stafford, England. [Parents]

5115907. Angella (Anyll) Venables 1 was born about 1370 in Of, Kinderton, Cheshire, England. [Parents]


5115936. John "Of Gaunt" Prince Of England 1 was born in Mar 1340 in Abbaye de St Bavon, Ghent, Flandre-Orientale, Belgium. He died on 3 Feb 1398/1399 in Leicester Castle, Leicester, Leicestershire, England. He was buried on 15 Mar 1398/1399 in St. Paul's Cathedral, London, Middlesex, England. He married Catherine De Roet on 13 Jan 1396/1397 in , Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England. [Parents]

5115937. Catherine De Roet 1 was born in 1350 in Of, Picardy, Somme, France. She died on 10 May 1403 in , Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England. She was buried in Lincoln Cathedral, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England.


5115938. Thomas De Holand 1 was born in 1354 in , Upholand, Lancashire, England. He was christened in (10 1360). He died on 25 Apr 1397 in Of, Woodstock, Kent, England. He was buried in Abbey Of Bourne, , Lincolnshire, England. He married Alice Fitzalan on 10 Apr 1364 in Of, Arundel, Sussex, England. [Parents]

5115939. Alice Fitzalan 1 was born about 1350 in , Arundel, Sussex, England. She died on 17 Mar 1415/1416. [Parents]


5115940. William Beauchamp 1 was born about 1358 in Of, Warwick, Warwickshire, England. He died on 8 May 1411. He was buried in Black Friars, Hereford, Herefordshire, England. He married Joan Fitzalan about 1396 in Of, Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, England. [Parents]

5115941. Joan Fitzalan 1 was born about 1372 in Of Arundel, Sussex, England. She was christened in (40-1415). She died on 14 Nov 1435. She was buried in Black Friars, Herefordshire, England. [Parents]


5115942. Thomas Berkeley 1 was born on 5 Jan 1352/1353 in Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England. He died on 13 Jul 1417 in Spm. He was buried in , Wotton-Underedge, Gloucestershire, England. He married Margaret Lisle in Nov 1367 in , Wingrave, Buckinghamshire, England. [Parents]

5115943. Margaret Lisle 1 was born about 1359 in Of, Kingston Lisle, Berkshire, England. She died on 20 Mar 1391/1392. She was buried in , Wotton-Under-Edge, Gloucestershire, England. [Parents]


5116352. Thomas Cornwallis 1 was born about 1347 in Ireland. He died on 4 Jan 1384. He was buried in St Martins Vintry, London, Middx, Eng. He married Jane Hansard about 1372 in Of London, London England.

5116353. Jane Hansard 1 was born in 1351 in Of London, London, England.


5116354. Robert Bucton 1 was born about 1341 in <Of Broome, Suffolk, England>. He married Braham.

5116355. Braham 1 was born about 1343 in <Of Broome, Suffolk, England>.


5116356. Walter Tyrell 1 was born about 1350 in Of Heron, East Horndon, Essex, England. He died after 1406 in , Essex, England. He married Eleanor Flambard about 1379 in Of, Essex, England. [Parents]

5116357. Eleanor Flambard 1 was born about 1345/1350 in Of, North Avon, Southamptonshire, England. She died in 1422 in Manor Of Avon Or, Avene In Horndon, Essex, England. [Parents]


5116358. Robert Pashley 1 was born about 1370/1380 in Of, Pasele, Ticehurst, Sussex, England. He was christened in Of, , Kent, England. He died in 1406/1407. He married Philippa Sergeaux about 1401 in Of, Colquite Manor, St Mabyn, Cornwall, England. [Parents]

5116359. Philippa Sergeaux 1 was born in 1381 in Of, Colquite, Cornwall, England. She died in 1420. [Parents]


5116368. William Sulyard 1 was born about 1376 in , Of Eye, Suffolk, England. He married Joane Goade about 1399 in , Of Eye, Suffolk, England.

5116369. Joane Goade 1 was born about 1378 in , Of Wilby, Suffolk, England.


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